The Big Questions Debates are an opportunity to provide 20,000 high school discrete students per year a forum to confront issues that are rarely discussed in other areas of life. Students will not only grapple with complex worldview questions such as free will, the uniqueness of the human experience, and the limits of science, they will be required to debate both sides of each issue. Switch-sides debating is a unique aspect of the Big Questions format that requires a student to both prove and disprove that free will exists, for example. Enhancing the depth of research and critical thinking, students will be required to become more open-minded and find ways to engage in discussion that may not align with their previously held beliefs. While students may not change their minds, the rich experience of the Big Questions Debates will advance their knowledge, comfortability, and interest in learning more about the subject matter. Acting as a catalyst, the foundation will incentivize local and geographically diverse cohorts of students who will seed the format and topics into their communities drawing in audiences from a variety of walks of life disseminating information about the topics to a wide variety of downstream audiences. During the grant period, the National Speech & Debate Association will track student and event participation rates and locations to show the national reach of the Big Questions Debates. Likewise, by creating incentives to add Big Questions debates to existing events, the format can quickly become self-sustaining and continue to be cost-effective well after the grant period expires ensuring that several future years of students and audience reap the benefits of the Big Questions Debates.