This project investigates how good parenting, good teaching and reading good books help children develop good character. We will refine, expand and widely disseminate a Narnian Virtues curriculum initially designed and field-tested, with positive outcomes, in a 1-year pilot project funded by JTF. The revised curriculum includes a family component and more attention to helping students act on the virtues in their lives. The 3-year project will study how teachers and parents can work together to help 11- to 13-year-old children acquire 6 ‘Narnian’ virtues (wisdom, love, humility, courage, self-control, justice) through a 12-week curriculum based on 3 Narnia novels by C.S. Lewis in school and character activities engaged in with parents at home. The project will contribute to research and best practice in character education in 6 ways. It will: (1) develop and continually refine a methodology for helping students translate their understanding of virtues into virtuous behaviour; (2) use a mix of quantitative and qualitative methods to evaluate students’ growth in understanding and applying the virtues; (3) investigate the extent to which parents’ involvement makes a difference in student character outcomes; (4) demonstrate the benefits of Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia as a character education resource; (5) pursue these goals in high-need schools in poor areas where parental involvement and student achievement have been historically low; and (6) produce case studies, involving 500 students, in a sub-sample of schools and homes while doing broad-scale evaluation by pre- and post-testing 5000 children in all schools using the curriculum. A DVD and website will enable homes and schools anywhere to use the Narnian Virtues curriculum after the project. Global dissemination includes digital and print media, articles for academics and educators, a book for parents/teachers, a book for academics, a book by children 'Letters to Lewis', and conference presentations.