The Mind and Life Contemplative Studies Fellowship (MLCSF) will catalyze new research in the humanities and social sciences concerning scientific investigation of contemplative experience and contemplative practices. Research will include cross-disciplinary collaborations in the emerging fields of contemplative neuroscience and contemplative clinical science, and will be directed by scholars in the humanities and social sciences. A full understanding of the contemplative dimensions of human experience cannot be had through the perspectives and methods of neuroscience and clinical psychology alone; such understanding also requires the perspectives and methods of disciplines concerned with human social, historical, cultural, and ethical contexts. The MLCSF will encourage scholarly investigations of contemplative practices in their full human context, from the multiple perspectives of religious studies, philosophy, theology, history, sociology, and anthropology. We expect this innovative, collaborative approach to produce novel outputs in the humanities and social sciences, including publications, presentations and multi-media products, as well as the enduring impact of collaboration between neuro- and clinical scientists and scholars in the humanities and social sciences. The grants will be awarded on a competitive basis to junior and senior level scholars. Research should provide novel insight into the theories, techniques, history and impact of contemplative traditions and practices, and their scientific study, as well as direction for scholarly thought in humanities and social sciences. Fellowships are primarily for philosophers, theologians, scholars of religion, historians, sociologists, and anthropologists. To ensure the highest quality applicants, MLCSF will solicit proposals through announcements in targeted publications, at universities, and in programs at key meetings and conferences. Applications will be accepted from international candidates.