Project Leader Prof Kuruvilla Pandikattu SJ Indian Institute of Science and Religion (IISR), Jnana-Deepa Vidyapeeth (JDV), Pune 411014, India Project Co-leader Prof Job Kozhamthadam SJ, Former President, JDV & Director, IISR, Pune. At JDV, Pune, India, we are convinced by bringing together science and religion can shape the destiny of humanity. We also wish to see a tremendous spiritual leap in our consciousness, corresponding to the technological leap humanity has been experiencing in the last four centuries. Keeping this perspective in mine, the project is a small attempt to usher in a new consciousness through a critical and creative dialogue between science and religion. This project offers a three-tier Master’s Program in Science and Religion: a. To the students of JDV, Pune, India b. To the students of Tilak Maharashtra University (TMV), Pune, India c. As distance education to all students in India and outside. Since 1998 at JDV we have been offering courses on science and religion at JDV, Pune. Besides, we have been conducting regular symposia, generating enthusiasm in science-religion dialog especially among the young. There are more than twenty-eight centers involved in such issues. After a feasibility study, we conclude that the time is ripe to offer a full-fledged Master’s Program in science and religion, whose success we are confident of. Five full-time faculty at JDV forms the core staff. A draft of the courses and faculty is prepared. It is hoped that about ten persons per year will take this course, resulting in long-term impact. The program is a creative contribution drawing from India’s contemporary scientific prowess (including information and bio-technology) and ancient religious heritage, impacting the academic and religious ambiance of India. The program incorporates creative insights from Hindu, Islamic, Christian, Buddhist and Tribal traditions.