In this project, we aim to honor the figure of Prof. Mariano Artigas, pass on his intellectual legacy, and award a prize to an invited speaker in recognition of his/her work on big questions about science, philosophy, and religion. The scientific relevance of Prof. Artigas' work offers an excellent opportunity to extend the interest for these topics to a broader audience. So, we initiate a long term process of awareness raising in the academic world about the big questions. The main activity of this project is a biannual conference organized by the CRYF group at the University of Navarra. Concrete outputs include the publication of the lectures in a specific volume and in the web. The conferences will be video-recorded and the corresponding files posted on the YouTube channel of the University of Navarra. We also expect the local media will cover the event extensively, together with the publication of interviews in other national and international media. Through this project we expect an increasing number of participating students in the subjects lectured upon by the CRYF group; an enhanced interdisciplinary collaboration among professors at the University of Navarra; and a more frequent presence of the big questions in the media. In the long term, we also contemplate the possibility of increasing the number and quality of the CRYF's lines of research. Finally, through the process of awareness raising about the big questions on science and religion, this project could provide a sounder basis for the specific insertion of the CRYF and of other institutions of the same kind within the academic structure of the universities. It should also shift some of the University's research priorities towards these topics. Eventually, the CRYF group could be the seed of a permanent institution at the University of Navarra devoted to basic research on the big questions in which science, philosophy and theology are interwoven.