Serious theological work by Jewish scholars is now relatively rare, and nearly non-existent in academia, where the "Jewish theology" available all too often consists either of historical studies or is in a post-modern vein. Nevertheless, classical Jewish religious texts do engage in profound theological exploration, and their unique insights have much to contribute to progress in current constructive theology among Jews, Christians and others. Moreoever, there is an increasing sense among Orthodox and traditional Jews that the lack of rigorous Jewish theology is detrimental to Judaism, and a missed opportunity to contribute Jewish approaches and insights to a world seeking progress in understanding God's nature and the possible paths to human flourishing. The proposed project aims at a significant increase in constructive Jewish theological work in academia. This goal will be attained through the support for significant new research projects in Jewish philosophical theology, training programs for students considering entering the field, conferences for scholars in specific topics in Jewish philosophical theology, philosophical theology programs for rabbinic students, and funding for dissemination projects and for the upgrading of available online resources. The project may support the revitalization of the professional society for constructive Jewish theology, the Academy for Jewish Philosophy.