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The Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) seeks to increase our understanding of compassionate virtue development in youth who participate in Roots & Shoots (R&S), JGI’s global humanitarian youth program. R&S was created in 1991 by Dr. Jane Goodall and a group of 12 Tanzanian students to counter the growing trend of youth disillusionment with the deteriorating condition of the planet and to support their desire to implement solutions. JGI proposes to deepen its impact in countries across Africa, home to the world’s youngest population and a diverse group of R&S coordinators working in rural and urban settings.

Using the Knowledge-Compassion-Action (KCA) model, JGI will: (1) activate a regional community of practice (COP) for R&S staff and country coordinators in up to 18 African countries and the USA, (2) build program capacity and sustainability through country-level sub-grants that support R&S program activities in four African countries, and (3) conduct a comprehensive program evaluation that incorporates research elements. JGI will produce a toolkit, academic article, and network of R&S staff trained in evidence-based, culturally relevant tools that support program implementation, monitoring and evaluation. COP members, together with a subset of adult mentors, will be trained to in community mapping and Photovoice.

Ultimately, the project will build compassionate character virtues in 1,000,000 youth by empowering them to address issues in their communities and connecting them to supportive adult mentors.

Learn more about Roots & Shoots at rootsandshoots.org. Find out more about Jane and JGI, as well as ways to get involved at janegoodall.org