This project would hold 3 James Gregory public lectures per year in St Andrews and Edinburgh on a wide variety of topics, from eminent speakers across the world (usually from USA, Continental Europe and UK). The second series of James Gregory Lectures, held in St Andrews, is currently drawing to an end. It has proven to be extremely popular and effective at simulating a public interest in the field, with audiences of 300-400 for each lecture. This series has been on various topics under the general title of Science and Christianity. Some of the latest lectures have been given by leading scholars such as Rowan Williams (What is Consciousness?), Eleonore Stump (Natural Law, Metaphysics and God as Creator), and Alister McGrath (Science and Faith: Conflict or Mutual Enrichment). The final lecture will be given by Jennifer Wiseman (Universe of Wonder, Universe of Life). For this next series, we plan to broaden the lectures in two ways: (i) The general title will be expanded to discuss big questions in “Science, Religion, and Human Flourishing”, so that we can include other faiths and also other topics concerning human nature and philosophy. (ii) A second lecture will be given by each speaker (if their commitments allow) in Edinburgh, so as to reach a wider audience. This will be organized by Co-Investigators Mark Harris and Harriet Harris at Edinburgh University. We shall seek to bring in outstanding speakers on a wide range of topics of current interest. Topics will include the big questions of Science and Religion in Astronomy, Biology, Psychology, Theology and the Human Sciences that are of interest to the John Templeton Foundation. The “big question” will be: how can we encourage enthusiasm, open-mindedness, and humility for “new spiritual information” in Sir John’s sense, so that people can develop a better understanding of science and religion, which will help them appreciate that science and religion can be complementary or even possibly integrated?