Phase 2 of our Islamic Analytic Theology (IAT) project will: 1) use the scholarly and religious networks, infrastructure and resources developed in Phase 1 to bring mainstream kalam into humble conversation with analytic theology, philosophy and science; 2) buttress this with online education and discussions to widen, consolidate and strengthen a community of scholarly engagement across continents; 3) develop and deploy IAT courses across a representative cross-section of educational institutions that have the widest and deepest religious influence in Muslim society; 4) collaborate with Christian analytic theologians, philosophers and scientists; and 5) channel IAT research to influential pastors and the communities that they serve. This will create geographically and demographically diverse momentum and robust collegial networks in IAT research and facilitate the permanent establishment in Phase 3 of IAT in seminaries and universities that will in the future enable a systemic change that will contribute to the regeneration and rearticulation of contemporary Islamic theology in continuous conversation with the religious and the secular worlds.