Our group of nine researchers from Rutgers University, Columbia University, Yale University, New York University, and the University of California, Santa Cruz, proposes an interdisciplinary project for the investigation of central questions in the Philosophy of Cosmology. This ambitious three-year project aims to: 1) Help define the emerging field of Philosophy of Cosmology and work toward establishing it as an interdisciplinary subfield of philosophy and physics, 2) create a network of researchers from philosophy, physics, astronomy, theology, and allied areas of research who are working on these issues, 3) advance the understanding of some of the central questions and theories in philosophy of cosmology by research of members of our team, and 4) disseminate the results of our research by conducting conferences, workshops, public lectures, and a summer school, and produce a website, articles for publication, and a reader/text in philosophy of cosmology. The summer school will bring together young philosophers, physicists, theologians and others. The working group will also create a webpage devoted to the Templeton Project in Philosophy of Cosmology that will include a supervised blog on topics in philosophy of cosmology. The project will be housed at Rutgers University by the Rutgers Center for Philosophy and the Sciences, which is a center associated with the Philosophy Department.