Is our world deterministic or random? This fundamental question attracts the interest of multiple thinkers, from philosophers to physicists and mathematicians. The advent of quantum physics seemed to imply that nature is random. Yet, the fact that quantum theory makes predictions about experiments only in probabilistic terms does not necessarily imply that nature is random. The main goal of the project is to understand what can be concluded about randomness in nature from the quantum laws. In order to attain this goal, we will exploit the connections between randomness and the non-local correlations observed among quantum systems. The expected results will contribute to various fields. On the physics side, we expect to develop new methods for characterizing the randomness produced in quantum setups. On the technological side, we aim to propose novel protocols employing quantum randomness. On the philosophical side, we will investigate the relation between quantum randomness and undecidability, and discuss the impact of these concepts on the questions of determinism and free will. Finally, on the computer science side, we will connect quantum randomness with algorithmic randomness.