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The purpose of this project is to lay the foundations for the sustainability of the Institute for the Study of Human Flourishing (ISHF) for at least the next five years. We will achieve this by (a) funding the consulting agency of Keeling & Associates to work with the ISHF to develop a 5-year strategic plan and an implementation plan, which will appeal to donors; and (b) deepening and expanding our education outreach, the area in which we have had the greatest impact and public visibility. The latter is essential, as several potential donors have expressed interest in it (the Kern Family Foundation, Mr. Tom Hill of Kimray Corporation, the Farzaneh Brothers of Home Creations, and the Kirkpatrick Foundation).

This project is needed to ensure the ongoing sustainability of the ISHF. The consultancy will provide an outsider perspective on the past four years, and help to develop the narrative and strategy moving forward for how to build on the Institute’s strengths and position itself to make a major impact.

By the end of the project we will deliver a 5-year strategic plan, continued data from our education interventions and assessments, and a report on our progress with our partner schools.

The impact of the project will be to ensure the sustainability of the ISHF and allow it continued public impact and visibility.