The world is changing rapidly. Technological developments change our lives, and scientific developments change the way we understand ourselves and the world. We continuously have to adapt and innovate to be able to build a peaceful and sustainable world. What are the conditions for the human adaptation and innovation needed to face today's challenges?

HumaNatE is an interdisciplinary, intercultural, and international dialogue forum for the exploration of human nature and human culture. The objectives are to better understand the biological, anthropological, psychological and sociological conditions for the human capacity to adapt and innovate. By bringing scientists and scholars together for extended dialogue in conferences and workshops, by the inclusion of existential perspectives, and by the development of a network of centers where such dialogue exist, we want to deepen our understanding of human adaptation and innovation.

The anticipated result is that we, through the activities of the project, have created a dialogue beyond the limitations and narrow perspectives within academia and society today, and that we have created a network of centers where this dialogue prevails.