The project will address how science is important to religious leaders in Denmark and in this process stimulate knowledge among religious leaders about what science is today. In addition to this we will show how concepts and insights from science can be used in religious education and in homiletic practice and in the general ministry. To achieve this we will organize two courses (residential) of five days each in March 2012 and November 2012 (NB: rescheduled compared to the OFI in order to await the outcome of this application), where there will be lectures, group-work, general discussions and time set apart for studies on the subject. In connection with the courses there will be established a Network/Forum for further discussions and sharing of knowledge and experiences. This Forum for religious professionals on science and religion will connect to other already existing science and religion forums in Denmark. We anticipate and hold as a measure for success that between 30 and 40 professionals will take part in the courses. If this is achieved we are confident that further courses can be established in the future with domestic funding. We will also publish a book on the basis of the lectures in the courses. Of course edited and rewritten so it can be a resource not only for the participants but other religious professionals. Although this publication will be designed specifically for religious professionals it will of course be published 'in public' so that it will available for anyone interested to acquire. We hope that our enterprise will help change the sometimes barren and unfruitful theology that some has called 'conceptual apartheid', where science and theology are kept as two absolutely separate departments, into a more fruitful theology that is better scientifically informed and where the theology is in better accordance with the science of today. Our project alone can not establish this change, but it will be an important step on the road.