The strategic problem this project addresses is: “How to give Spanish-speakers access to creative interdisciplinary thinkers speaking in Spanish who can model and inspire an exploration of the nexus of faith, spirit, and science that fosters open minded inquiry while respecting the character of Hispanic culture, religions and values.” Hispanics are the largest minority group in the US, now at 16% of the US population, and many prefer to speak Spanish at home and church. While Spanish remains a mainstay for communication in Hispanic households across the country, Spanish language educational programming is often lacking. Currently, there are no spiritually or scientifically focused Spanish language radio or TV programs. The lack of linguistically relevant national programming on topics of spirituality and science has created an “inspirational disparity” in Hispanic understanding of spiritual information.

Pinyon Foundation, in partnership with Hispanic Communications Network, the nation’s largest Spanish radio network, proposes to give Hispanics an intimate, civic platform to explore the deepest and most relevant questions of our human being. "Hablando del Espíritu" (Talking from Spirit) will be an “outside of the box” Spanish language radio program that will convene Hispanic scholars, scientists, physicians, artists, poets, spiritual practitioners, community activists, mind-body clinicians and indigenous healers, to converse on a chosen question each week that examines the nexus of spirituality and science in a culturally relevant manner. We believe giving Spanish-speakers exposure to a variety of philosophical, spiritual and scientific thinkers will broaden Hispanic public discourse about science and spirituality, enliven civic participation, and empower individuals. Creating and testing two pilot programs for a national radio series is the first step toward building an infrastructure for Hispanic discourse about the nexus of Spirituality and Science.