As outlined in the body of this proposal, Good of All seeks to advance these noble purposes through numerous significant enduring impacts: 1. Create an international online community, with a strong base in the United States, built around a solid understanding of the importance of freedom of conscience, aware of threats to rights of conscience, and committed to protecting freedom of conscience because of its essential value to democratic society and culture. 2. Create a credible online source of data and research on freedom of conscience which can help counter dangerous intellectual trends that have unduly influenced institutions of higher learning and elite opinion in the West for decades. 3. Create a robust online clearinghouse for public education materials, reports and information. 4. Substantially increase public awareness of the forces opposed to freedom of conscience and emerging threats to freedom of conscience in America and around the world. 5. Develop sustainable, credible and increasingly resourced digital public education tools such as a multi-issue “Conscience Alert” email series and other online communications vehicles (See Appendix G). 6. Building on a substantial and growing database of international academic leaders and academic centers, create programs specifically designed for institutions of higher learning that will advance the Good of All mission. 8. Raise both public and elite awareness of conscience issues in Asia by building on a breakthrough initiative of the developing Center on Human Rights in South Korea. 9. Enhance the ongoing strategies for optimized, sustainable digital media communication and social networking around freedom of conscience issues through a multi-component new Good of All website. 10. Launch an organization and website in South Korea that can demonstrate the universality of our cause. 11. Launch an organization and website in the UK that can demonstrate the universality of our cause.