Generational Theft is a systemic set of policies that pay for current, unsustainable projects at the expense of future economic stability and prosperity. These policies range from a Social Security program that will be bankrupt by 2033 and student loan debt that has surpassed $1 trillion, to mandates that young people subsidize health insurance for the elderly. Just as misguided policies led to the housing collapse in 2007, which plunged young people into unemployment when they should have been out building their skills and experience, so today's policies have the potential to make or break the future prosperity of our country. By robbing young people of resources and opportunity today, we condemn them to a future of stagnation that will take generations to recover from, if ever.

The Generational Theft project will address this issue by building a vibrant community of educated citizens who are equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to develop and support long-term solutions to this critical problem. The initial phase will provide proof of concept for the overall project, as well as help to determine its strategy, scope, and tactics.

FreedomWorks Foundation plans to promote a competition across social media and our various student networks, asking young people to submit ideas for how to reach their peers on the topic of Generational Theft. We will then select those with the best ideas to come to Washington, DC to participate in a two-day, multigenerational event alongside seasoned champions of freedom. The first day, we will hold educational panels on Generational Theft, led by fellow nonprofit leaders, activists, and young Congressional members. The second day, we will hold a strategy session, using the invitees as a focus group to vet the ideas they submitted. Ultimately, we hope to end the event with three solid outreach ideas for us to test, on a small scale over a short time period, which will help inform the project going forward.