In conversations with educators, we have found a hunger for practical, proven guidance in developing character strengths in young people. Historically, we have met this need through a variety of resources, most notably our 11 Principles Sourcebook. When published in 2003 (reprinted in 2007), it offered a compendium of practical research and resources for character education. Now as a large, printed publication, it does not match the growing needs of digital professional development.

The time is ripe to convert the Sourcebook into a digital tool--the 11 Principles eSource. This project will develop new delivery mechanisms, bring together researchers, writers and experts to update the foundational content to better serve today’s educators. eSource learning and assessment modules will provide a micro-credentialing mechanism for individual educators and groups looking to facilitate their own professional development trainings.

Once the eSource is complete, it will be flexibly used by individuals and teams looking for best practices to improve their classrooms or schools with training or to develop strategic action plans around the 11 Principles of Character Education. will be able to reach and train a much larger audience with this new platform at a much lower cost and will enhance existing programs by promoting deeper education around core concepts.