Closer To Truth (CTT) proposes to expand the outreach and impact of JTF-funded research projects and conference-workshop programs by producing and broadcasting TV episodes of CTT and developing new media products based on this content in CTT's prime areas - cosmos, consciousness, God. CTT would produce and broadcast, with high production values (in HD), content appreciation and artistic sensitivity: 1) 'Big Questions in Free Will: Scientific, Philosophical, and Theological Investigations,' the research project led by Alfred Mele: 5-6 CTT episodes; a CTT documentary of 60-90 minutes (broadcast as two or three CTT episodes); and ~50 web videos. 2) 'Exploring Alternative Concepts of God,' the workshop at the University of Birmingham co-led by Yujin Nagasawa: 4-5 CTT episodes; and ~40-50 web videos. Also, new media / multimedia products and distribution, including web, DVDs, streaming video channels, mobile apps, podcasts, etc. CTT's guaranteed TV broadcasts on CTT's virtual network, and extended videos on the CTT website, would enhance the scope, influence and permanence of JTF-funded content, research, ideas and vision. For 'Free Will,' CTT would use cinema vérité filmmaking and good storytelling, interviews and discussions, to follow themes, track progress, hear arguments, feel frustrations, experience tension, find 'Aha', seek resolution, and witness breakthroughs. We would seek unexpected discoveries, hurdles encountered and overcome, and the next set of big questions. For 'Alternative God Concepts,' CTT would present the unique ideas, arguments and counterarguments, and potential importance of the engagement. We would portray the excitement, intensity, originality, diversity and dynamism of new thinking about God. CTT airs on ~170 PBS/public TV stations. CTT's award-winning website (with >1300, soon >1800, exclusive videos of the world's leading thinkers) would feature in-depth videos of JTF-sponsored participants -