The Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP) refers to the 4 billion people who comprise the bottom of the economic pyramid. Despite their low income, the BOP represents a $5 trillion global consumer market. Traditionally, the needs of this demographic are addressed through charity or aid. However, there is an emerging market-based approach that repositions the BOP as smart, powerful consumers, innovative producers, and savvy businessmen. Tapping into this market requires forward thinkers who seek to do well and do good. The goal of this project is to nurture the innovative and entrepreneurial spirits of today's youth through their engagement with the BOP market in China. With an interactive platform filled with success stories and peer support, a series of seminars and lectures to raise awareness, educational modules that guide the young people through the start up process, competition that bridges the gap between classroom theories and real-world application, and comprehensive support for start up ventures as students put their plans into action, this project empowers young people to affect change through free enterprise while promoting business as a tool to create a better world.