For generations America has been a beacon of freedom, free enterprise, and entrepreneurship. However, the global financial crisis and ensuing government response have led many Americans to express doubts about some of the central tenets of the free enterprise system. At the same time, the level of economic freedom and the environment for free enterprise in America have been worsening in recent years. In light of these developments, there is a critical need to rejuvenate public understanding of the nature and benefits of free enterprise and entrepreneurship – two of the greatest sources of our economic dynamism and fundamental components of our liberty. To do so, AAM has designed a two-year, multi-pronged initiative, entitled Free Enterprise & Entrepreneurship: The Sources of America’s Economic Dynamism, that will feature nationwide public radio and television programming, an online platform with multimedia educational resources, and roundtable discussions in Washington that explore the key pillars of America’s economic strength. The initiative will take place at a time when the public appetite for media coverage of economic issues is rising, and it will only continue as the 2012 presidential and congressional elections near. Additionally, studies show our target audience to be among the most civically and politically active segments of the population, meaning informed programming has greater potential to lead to enduring impact, including: 1. Increased support amongst the American public for free enterprise, open competition, entrepreneurship, and innovation as the sources and future promise of America’s economic dynamism. 2. Audiences who are inspired to take action politically, economically and intellectually to create an environment that is more conducive to free enterprise; and 3. US policies that reduce regulatory red tape and foster innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic freedom.