As one of the nation’s leading incubators of social entrepreneurship, Echoing Green intends to facilitate a Faith Entrepreneurship competition, to be held in conjunction with the Forbes “30-Under-30 Summit,” which will be held in Philadelphia in October 2015. The purpose of the open-submission competition will be to identify an emerging faith entrepreneur, under the age of 30, whose efforts give real-world evidence of the benefits of spiritual progress. For the Faith Entrepreneurship competition, Echoing Green will establish prize criteria and questions for the applicants (drawing on criteria and questions from the Templeton Prize), build out an application platform through HeroX, promote the competition in partnership with (a) Forbes and (b) a public relations firm specializing in religious outreach, and select a panel of judges (drawing on former judges for the Templeton Prize) to determine a final winner. Echoing Green will develop and implement initial screening processes with the Wharton School of Business, through which leading candidates will be presented to the panel of judges. Echoing Green will then coordinate with the panel of judges to determine the winner of the Faith Entrepreneurship competition. It will then award a $100,000 prize to the entity with which the winner is affiliated, and coordinate the winner’s participation at the Forbes “30-Under-30 Summit.” At the Summit, the winner of the Faith Entrepreneurship competition will be featured in a two-hour ImpactLab during the Summit, during which time the entity will receive counsel and referrals from up to 250 attendees, as well as have the opportunity to compete against the winners of 5 other social entrepreneurship competitions for an additional prize of $400,000 in cash and in-kind support.