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Faith Angle Forum is a nationally recognized program that helps mainstream journalists better understand religion, including its impact in the public square. Since 1999, Faith Angle Forum has twice annually convened a group of 16-20 top US journalists to explore critical issues of culture, politics, & history, through the lens of religion and in conversation with premier scholars and practitioners.

Faith Angle seeks to answer the question, “What if religion took seriously the responsibility and vocation of journalism? And what if mainstream journalists better understood the role of religion in public life, including in their reporting?” In a country still highly religious, we believe readers will benefit from nuanced, more accurate stories that thoughtfully cover a faith angle in the context of daily reporting. We therefore explore these questions via in-person forums removed from the pressures of newsrooms, where we invite journalists into meaningful engagement with relevant, contemporary topics and with one another.

This year we will host four two-day forums for young journalists in Washington, DC, in April 2023; in Napa, CA, in July 2023; and in Cote d’Azur, France, in November 2023, and in Miami, FL in March 2024. We would also like to host a bi-monthly podcast that enables us to reach a wider audience of approximately 1,700 people per episode---including journalists as well as curious listeners who are eager to hear informed, in-depth 45- to 50-min. twice-monthly conversations between a prominent religion scholar and leading national journalist.

Our goal is for these journalist forums, regular podcasts, and sustained interactions between and among senior journalists and up-and-coming younger journalists to foster a longterm network of like-minded practitioner-journalists who understand religion as playing a shaping role in contemporary American society.