The Colossian Forum and The Kuyers Institute respectfully request $199,940 to launch the Faith and Science Teaching (FAST) Project, which seeks to greatly improve the quality of educational engagement with science and religion. The project will increase the traction of academic work, such as the Templeton Science and Religion Series, in high school classrooms across the country. This addresses a gap between theory publication and uptake among educators and students. A writing team of experienced science and religion educators and an expert advisory board will generate model pedagogical interventions that connect science/religion literature to classroom learning. The writing team will meet twice for training and idea generation, engage in ongoing learning and resource development in peer groups, and be equipped as trainers of others. All materials will be reviewed by the advisory board and trialed in schools. The project will develop a website offering at least 30 model teaching sequences with commentary, together with a teaching strategy bank, supporting essays, and a training resource. 12 teachers will be trained as trainers, and 14 training events based on the resource will be provided to at least 300 educators. Outcomes include the development of concrete narrative models, supporting resources, and teaching strategies that will directly influence teaching and learning about science and religion in schools, and the development of a cohort of teachers with a greater understanding of and engagement with science and religion dialogue and capacity to train others. The project offers a more fruitful, practical interface between academic science/religion discussions and educational practice and could engage thousands of teachers and students in more informed and constructive dialogue around these issues. The proposed resource is structured to encourage concrete implementation, growth in teacher and learner confidence, and transformation of teacher practice.