To prepare for the ultimate goal of an international conference for Roman Catholic major seminary administrators to address the possible need of integrating science in the seminary curriculum we propose a preliminary grant to secure cooperation, commitment and input from key persons so that such a conference is best positioned to succeed. Our proposal has three steps. First, to meet with a range of scientists, theologians and seminary leaders and gain their support. Second, to involve ten committed and influential persons for a Planning Team meeting to make program recommendations (conference content, invitees, venue)and develop guidelines for options/models to be integrated into seminary curriculum. Third, to gather a mini-working group of five persons to fine-tune a conference program and to refine integrative options: modules, on-line courses, and summer seminars for seminarians. Outputs:a congenial and knowledgeable Planning Team; wide consultations; a substantive conference program; guidelines for three attractive, inspiring, and academically solid options/models for adaptation in seminaries; a website and a video-recording of meetings and interviews for website and future media purposes; research and analysis of how and where science is incorporated in seminaries. Outcomes would parallel outputs: a committed team, consultations from people who know seminary education; an inviting conference program, creative guidelines for options/models for implementation, a website and a video file,and research concerning where science may be already embedded in the curriculum. The long term impact would grow from incremental changes – the short-term impacts - produced by evaluation and integration of positive responses to models/options resulting in concepts of science and religion embedding themselves gracefully in the intellectual and spiritual formation of seminarians so that their integration might become a standard praxis in the RC seminary curriculum.