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University students are asking big questions about science, faith, meaning, purpose, and human flourishing with increased urgency–and are turning to digital tools and products to help them navigate a rapidly changing world. While we are seeing some leading universities offer courses and curricula to aid students in their search for meaning, universities are not providing sufficient platforms for students to rigorously explore these vital topics.

The purpose of this project is to expand and accelerate conversations on science and faith, human flourishing, and intellectual humility among students, faculty, the university community, and the broader public. We plan to do this by

1. Engaging mass audiences by producing and publishing 30 podcast episodes; 30 full-length Forum videos, 125 video clips, and 6 YouTube playlists; 20 website pages; 25 newsletters; 200 social media posts; and 2 advertising campaigns

2. Engaging university audiences with 50 highly-produced Forum events–generating content for digital distribution

3. Equipping intellectually-ambitious student leaders to create content and encourage conversations on campus and beyond through 3 Veritas Weekend student conferences and 3 week-long institutes

By executing these three interconnected activities, we believe we can help bring charitable conversations on big questions to millions of intellectually-curious students and global audiences each year–which will positively contribute to the flourishing of the academy and society at large.