The warfare stereotype of science and Christian faith continues to persist, particularly on the topic of evolution. According to a 2012 Barna poll, only 26% of American clergy accepted the idea that God used evolution to create.

The goal of this project is to address theological and philosophical questions commonly voiced by Christians about evolutionary creation. We will solicit proposals and award grants for roughly 50 projects to scholars, church leaders, and parachurch organizations. Grants will be awarded across the U.S., Canada, and Europe to a full range of Christian denominations. Every project will produce materials relevant for the church and laypeople. We will help the grant recipients network with one another and other leaders through annual workshops.

The grant recipients will produce hundreds of videos, articles, books, lectures, workshops, and websites, greatly increasing the visibility of the evolutionary creation point of view. Many more students, pastors, and laypeople will become aware that biblical faith does not require the rejection of evolutionary science.