The aim of this project is to equip French-speaking high school, college and university students as well as evangelical scientists and pastors to face challenges from science and philosophy. The secular teaching of science in the classroom, together with the generally atheist or agnostic mindset of the scientific community, leads the majority of French people to think that science and faith are incompatible. We propose to develop resources for academics, church leaders and students to equip them to engage meaningfully with these issues. Specific outcomes: 1. Publication of conference papers from a symposium on human origins 2. Book on the theory of knowledge 3. Series of short publications for a wider audience on science-faith issues 4. E-learning material on “Introduction to a theology of science” 5. French translation of the "Test of faith" DVD and course material 6. Research on creating resources for high school and college students which will enable them to interact meaningfully with science and philosophy teaching provided in the secular setting of French state schools 7. Proposal for a follow-up grant to help create these resources and include initiatives to take into account the specific needs concerning material for French-speaking evangelical schools worldwide 8. Proposal for a monograph on the human person. As far as we know, this project is treading new ground: in French, there is no book-length evangelical treatment of human origins and very few (if any) books explaining to the layperson science-faith issues, written by Evangelicals who accept mainstream science; our material would constitute the only recent resources making use of other media than the print. In particular, this would be the first evangelical research engaging positively with science and philosophy in the French high-school setting, with the potential to help high-school and college students to understand that science and religion are not mutually exclusive.