The UK has a pensions and healthcare system that stifles individual initiative and enterprise, discourages independence and is leaving huge government commitments that will have to be financed by future generations. These problems have been analysed in a great deal of serious academic research and pensions and healthcare commitments are potentially large enough to threaten the future solvency of a number of developed countries. By leaving people dependent upon the state for their future pensions and healthcare needs, savings and self-reliance is discouraged and community mechanisms of provision are undermined and replaced with bureaucratic state provision.

This research project will seek alternatives to these public, pay-as-you-go financed systems of pensions, disability insurance, healthcare and long-term care. It will research effective ways of replacing them with systems of private savings and asset accumulation supplemented by greater labour force participation at older ages. The purpose is to put the systems on a financially more solid footing that is less vulnerable to demographic shifts; to depoliticise important areas of life; to promote entrepreneurship, saving and capital accumulation, self-reliance and individual freedom.

The main outputs of the project will include one large piece of published peer-reviewed research, together with shorter papers and videos. The research will then be disseminated to policy makers, intellectuals, journalists and other experts through key national, regional and industry media outlets. We have experienced teams that have successfully delivered similar projects in the past. The IEA has a reputation for publishing and promoting policy-related research in these areas and to making a difference to policy.