The most fundamental mysteries and/or wonders in the physical world can be summarized by the following short list: (1) Locality. (2) Identical particles. (3) Gauge interactions. (4) Fermi statistics. (5) Chiral fermions. (6) Lorentz invariance. (7) Gravity. According to current physical theory, we take the above properties for granted and do not ask where they come from. This project develops a deeper model of particle reality that aims to derive these seven properties from deeper physics. Specifically, we examine the possibility that those wonderful and mysterious properties come from the 'qubits' that form a fundamental 'space.' The basic picture is: 1. Space = a collection of qubits. 2. Vacuum = ground state of qubits. 3. Fluctuations of qubits = waves = elementary particles. 4. For certain ground states, a wave may satisfy Maxwell or Einstein equations, and give rise to photons and/or gravitons. The goal of this project is to see if a ground states of qubits can be found that give rise to all 'seven wonders.' If successful, this model can be understood as a unification of information and matter.