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TMS Global, along with their project partner, Soulfire Ministries, will research, design and pilot a science and faith toolkit for churches. The research will answer these questions:

1) What elements of science and technology are most challenging for church members to accept or understand?

2) What would inspire church members to engage the Bible as a catalyst for exploring science and technology?

3) What elements should be included in a toolkit to promote Bible-based curiosity in science and technology?


1) Develop a comprehensive survey with focus groups for church leaders not traditionally engaged in science or technology.

2) Conduct interviews with Christian scientists and technologists to gather suggested content areas.

3) Create and pilot test a prototype toolkit.

Need: The attitude that the church is not welcoming to scientific inquiry creates problems regarding members’ health and well-being. The perception of conflict makes young people feel they must choose between their faith and a science career.

Deliverables: This project will present research needed to guide elements of a comprehensive church toolkit.

Impact: The project will strengthen church’s relevance for younger generations and all who desire meaningful connections between scientific and Biblical curiosity.