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This project will seek to answer the question of how to develop intellectual virtues for research in Science and the Big Questions in Latin America: 1) By identifying the intellectual virtues for collaboration among scientists, philosophers and theologians, analyzed in the context of virtue epistemology and explored with an empirical study of psychology; 2) By training a recently graduated PhD in interdisciplinary research in philosophy and psychology; 3) By updating material in Spanish; 4) By visiting fellowships; 5) By a seminar for Latin American scholars; 6) By a strategic study that will consider the specific circumstances of Latin American scholars.

During the project, the postdoctoral researcher will work together with two senior academics from philosophy and psychology, and the postdoc will also interact with Anglo scholars who have long-track records of demonstrated expertise in researching intellectual character. High-quality material in Spanish (three entries to DIA and a book), and internationally recognized academic papers (a special issue for a Science and Religion’s journal, and two articles for psychology's journals) will be produced.

This project will help to understand better the intellectual virtues required for collaborative work in Science and the Big Questions, and plan how to develop them among Latin American scholars. Additionally, it will forge working relationships between Latin American scholars and Anglo researchers working on intellectual character.

Some Anglo researchers whose careers have been focused on investigating intellectual character will provide conceptual clarity on key concepts. A team of Latin American scholars who have long-track records in research in Science and the Big Questions will collaborate on the report.

The results of this research will impact at least 60 Latin American university lecturers, and the updated material will reach 45,000 readers.