Several scientific discoveries in physics, biology, and the neurosciences across the 20th century have triggered all-time philosophical debates anew. Are our decisions the result of blind neural processes? To what extent is human development determined by the laws of genetics? Is the structure of matter truly governed by indeterministic laws or is that just our lack of knowledge? The goal of this project is to build a regional network of researchers in science and philosophy with an interdisciplinary interest in these issues and to spread informed knowledge among the general public. We specifically face the challenge of attaining an interdisciplinary understanding between Spanish-speaking researchers from different disciplines. The project includes a monthly seminar for researchers and three interdisciplinary research weeks, with activities for researchers as well as for students and the general public. It also foresees a number of publications, both of academic and dissemination nature, and two different competitions for journalistic articles published in Latin America on topics related to the project. We expect that there will be a significant increase in interdisciplinary research among Spanish-speaking scholars, which will be reflected in the development of new interdisciplinary groups and projects in the region.