Academic teaching and research in the sciences and the liberal arts has become fragmented and narrow bore. This has not only intensified the rift between the two cultures of science and the humanities, it has severely limited the scope for originality, innovation, and the cultivation of genius within each. We propose a three-year initiative to seed interdisciplinary projects at Universities and Colleges, which integrate the humanities into scientific and technical education. The focus of these programs will be to investigate the relationship between political institutions, scientific and technological advancement, new forms of wealth, and the moral and intellectual significance of those transformations. It will examine this relationship through the lens of the American Founding in the larger international context of the Atlantic Enlightenment. The initiative will require funds for six seed projects: three focusing on Law and Economics, and three focusing on Science and the Humanities. These projects will be distinctive, yet interconnected, and will be directly linked through two major institutes. The central focus of the initiative is an inquiry into the role of free institutions in shaping human creativity and innovation and the role of that change in wealth creation.