This planning grant seeks to create a theoretically unified multi-disciplinary Society for the Study of Cultural Evolution (SSCE). Nearly every branch of the human social sciences & humanities deals with cultural change, but there is a profound lack of integration among the branches. Likewise, nearly all public policies seek to accomplish positive cultural change but there is a profound lack of integration among policy sectors & many of them are not science-based. The Evolution Institute has already made considerable progress toward the formation of the SSCE, starting with a March 2015 workshop titled “Advancing the Study of Cultural Evolution: Academic Integration and Policy Applications”, which was attended by JTF program officer Paul Wason. A recruitment drive resulted in over 1000 founding members from over 50 nations, demonstrating tremendous interest in the creation of a society. A survey to delineate “Grand Challenges” in the study of cultural evolution has already been conducted and preliminary results are presented in this proposal. The SSCE will have an activist agenda that includes both academic integration & practical applications. Special Interest Groups (SIGs) will be created to formulate plans for achieving the Grand Challenges. They will be assisted by the Evolution Institute and by a full time coordinator supported by the SSCE. A JTF planning grant will be invaluable in establishing the SSCE by supporting: a) the full time coordinator position and support staff for the society; b) development of the SSCE website; and c) the first annual conference. The prospects for the SSCE supporting itself after an initial period of JTF funding are excellent. Finally, in many cases the “Grand Challenges” identified by the SSCE will be close to “Big Questions” identified by JTF. In other words, the SSCE can be regarded as a worldwide organization that can be used to identify and address the many “Big Questions” associated with human cultural evolution.