Cosmos is a limited edition publishing project and extended database designed as a vertical channel on Nautilus. The Cosmos campaign is focusing on three topics with interest in both new scientific developments and the metaphysical significance of these new discoveries. Each month, in the three-month publishing project, Cosmos would explore a topic through feature essays, shorter blogs and video animations. Nautilus will also publish a Cosmos special edition print issue.

The Cosmos topics are:
• Astrobiology – Are we alone? If not, where and what do we share the universe with?
• Multiverse/Fine-tuning – Are the laws of nature fine-tuned for our existence? Does the argument for the multiverse get us out of fine-tuning?
• Dark Matter/Dark Energy – Why is so much of the matter and energy in the universe so hard to know or define?
In addition to the articles, Cosmos will maintain reader comment threads to the articles and an ongoing Nautilus/audience generated database aggregation of articles and reference source material related to the topics. Nautilus will maintain access to the Cosmos channel and provide updates to the database for three years.