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Space is becoming more and more important to the daily lives of all citizens on Earth. The dynamic development of the space sector involves an increasing number of space stakeholders and new partnerships - expanding this frontier. This evolution leads to new discoveries, new technologies, and valuable space data that are providing a beneficial impact to economic and cultural sectors.

Our generation is on the leading edge of a new space exploration era that enables us to plan, build and manage complex space infrastructures including outposts and settlements on Moon, Mars and beyond. Future space exploration endeavors will be more inclusive for society and blend the technology with the important inspirational role, preparing us to eventually live permanently in space. Exploring planets, moons, and small bodies in the Solar System broadens our minds by discovering our origins and advancing the understanding of planet Earth.

This journey will necessitate new approaches to foster a multi-stakeholder approach that must include an exchange of knowledge leading to creative new agreements on governance, norms, ethics, regulatory frameworks and innovative adaptive practices. An international dialogue to enable the advancement of all aspects of human civilization into space will be needed to accomplish this.

The activities and deliverables of this project will include academic research, international conferences, workshops, publications, and working group activities as well as student projects. This will enable the project team to lead this important dialogue needed to define a plan for an international long-term roadmap for space exploration that balances the interests of multiple space stakeholders with an emphasis on the multicultural societal dimension. All the building blocks of the proposed project will lead to a set of Cosmic Development Goals (CDGs) for humanity.