In recent years, discussion of the problem of evil has been advanced by utilizing resources of contemporary metaphysics and epistemology. What is a bit surprising, however, is that relevant resources from contemporary moral theory that could similarly advance discussion of the problem have not yet been utilized. Accordingly, the goal of this project is to bring to bear the yet untapped resources from contemporary moral theory to advance the discussion of the problem of evil. The project includes two mini-conferences, the publication of the papers from the conferences, publishable papers from graduate students working on the project, and a monograph that both Cambridge and Oxford University Presses have expressed interest in reviewing that draws on the results of the conferences and attempts to move us closer to a fully adequate solution of the problem. While using resources from contemporary metaphysics and epistemology has helped us to restate the problem, because the problem of evil is fundamentally a moral problem, using the yet untapped resources of contemporary moral theory should actually help us do more. It should enable us to move toward an adequate solution of that problem, a result that should be welcomed by people everywhere.