In this project we will consolidate the idea of fine-tuning across disciplines ranging from biology through chemistry and into various branches of physics. The ‘fact’ of fine-tuning is often taken as a basis for reaching grandiose metaphysical conclusions by philosophers, theologians and even physicists without such individuals involving themselves in a detailed understanding of the systems in question. Sheer reliance on ‘authority’ on these issues is part of the reason for the resultant confusing literature now found across philosophy and physics on esoteric topics such as ‘Boltzmann Brains’. Our goal is to present a comprehensive review of the physics in which fine-tuning arguments are derived, scrutinize and uncover new examples of fine-tuning, and thereby provide a firm foundation for a relaunching of efforts to interpret this fascinating facet of nature. Our activities will include: • The production of a field-manual on fine-tuning written by experts in the substantive areas of interest in conjunction with the project personnel. • The creation of an accompanying website hosting an interactive version of the field manual through which issues of fine-tuning can be explored by a broad audience. This site shall constitute a form of ‘open science’ amenable to social-media functions (viz. capacity to discuss and vote on fine-tuning steps) and holds much potential for public engagement. • The production of research papers that aim to formalize fine-tuning arguments, that is, to build a framework into which fine-tuning arguments can be analyzed and, ideally, measured. • The holding of a series of 4 seminars/year throughout the project given by the field-area experts, instilling collaborative efforts and producing a set of filmed interviews for distribution online. • A project final conference which will bring together contributors and experts across fields to disseminate their findings and an evaluation of the current status of fine-tuning within physics.