Modern evolutionary biology has no obvious place for purposive language. The issue of purpose in “deep time” has significant parallels with embryonic development. Strikingly, it is uncommon to suggest interventionist mechanisms that guide development, despite persistence of “purpose language”. This asymmetry in thinking regarding biological mechanisms underlying human development vs. evolution could be developed in moving Christians toward acceptance of evolutionary mechanisms. This project will allow a practicing developmental biologist with prior theological training at a Research 1 university the time to develop interdisciplinary expertise to address this issue in three areas: (1) Teleology in developmental biology: A reexamination of this issue is in order that incorporates modern information about embryonic development; (2) EvoDevo: Little has been done to address this topic from the perspective of philosophical and religious perspectives that relate to the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis; (3)“Theistic embryology” : The connection at the popular level between teleology in development and evolution will be developed as part of a significant Theory of Change. Funds are requested to provide summer salary support in Years 1-3, support of a Research Intern in Year 1, and miscellaneous support for travel and book purchases. Outputs will include: (1) talks to public audiences, modeled on a recent talk the PI gave at the Faraday Institute, St. Edmunds College, Cambridge University; (2) scholarly articles related to development and evolution, designed for publication in journals at the science/theology interface; and (3) initial working documents regarding deep purpose in the natural world developed with other like-minded scholars. Outcomes will include (1) crucially, assisting JTF staff in charting future funding priorities, and (2) providing the impetus for major new initiatives in the areas of Developmental Bias and Biological Purpose.