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Closer To Truth (CTT) is often recognized as the world’s leading high-content television series, web archive, and new media resource focusing on the big questions of Cosmos (cosmology, universe, fundamental physics, philosophy of physics and cosmology), Consciousness (brain, mind, philosophy of mind), Meaning (philosophy of religion, philosophical theology, critical thinking). One of CTT’s continuing themes is “fine-tuning”, the claim that the deep structure of the world is dependent on numerous physical parameters that must be within certain tight ranges in order to allow for the existence and evolution of complex structures such as stars and planets and then life and brain/mind. As such, fine-tuning, if a real feature of the world, is a probe of cosmos, consciousness, meaning.

This grant would enable CTT to leverage its vast, exclusive archives of leading experts on fine-tuning – i.e., physicists, astrophysicists and cosmologists, philosophers of science, and those who explore the relationship between science and religion – including extensive interviews conducted in 2017 (at the Physics of Fine-Turning conference in Crete in June 2017) – to produce, broadcast, distribute and market the following integrated series of high-quality videos and related audiovisual products on fine-tuning in a broad sense:

(i) Four (4) CTT TV episodes dedicated to fine tuning

(ii) Six (6) CTT TV episodes which relate to fine tuning (directly or indirectly) in that 25-40% of the contributors are experts in fine tuning

(iii) 75 to 90 web videos of contributors who discuss fine tuning and related topics

(iv) Other products such as one radio hour and 3-4 podcasts.

CTT’s approach to fine-tuning, as it is to all topics that might suggest the existence of a multiverse (enormous numbers of universes), or even aspects of reality that are not part of the natural world, is to present all intelligent points of view and to subject each to thoughtful inquiry and critical thinking.