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Closer To Truth (CTT) would produce and broadcast television shows and web videos on the philosophy of biology - “Philosophy of Biology: What Life May Mean” - featuring leading experts asking questions about biology in the broadest and most fundamental sense, seeking meaning, purpose and implications of biological phenomena and systems from the special perspectives of the philosophy of biology. This CTT series can facilitate the public understanding of the philosophy of biology. It may also help catalyze the development of the field and help shape scholarly paradigms.

CTT would produce the followings:

* Production of 13 TV episodes on “Philosophy of Biology: What Life May Mean” and broadcast of these episodes as a dedicated, complete season on CTT’s virtual network of >200 PBS / public television stations.

* Each of the 13 CTT TV episodes on iTunes and Amazon.

* ~250 CTT web videos on topics in philosophy of biology, streamed on the CTT website (www.closertotruth.com)

* Development of a new major category on the CTT website, “Life”, which will house all the web videos and TV episodes of “Philosophy of Biology: What Life May Mean”. Henceforth, CTT's four major categories: Cosmos, Life, Consciousness, Meaning. The Life category expands CTT's scope.

* Selected web videos (20 to begin, 50-75 over time) on CTT’s YouTube channel (running 365 days: 4.1 million views, 23.8 million minutes; 90 days: 1.7 million views, 10.5 million minutes)

* Podcasts of the 13 episodes of “Philosophy of Biology: What Life May Mean”

* CTT social media and allied outreach (e.g., education) to support and promote the above.