Traditional, revelation-based Christian faith has inspired important work in science and philosophy, past and present. Yet it is common nowadays for people to see a deep tension between such faith and a proper use of reason. The aim of this project is to provide an attractive account of how individual and communal Christian faith can be intellectually virtuous, evidence-seeking and -responsive, and fully integrated with the understanding of the world indicated by our best sciences. Faith and science are not merely compatible; theism and specifically Christian claims concerning God also have explanatory power in ways that are complementary, not rival, to scientific forms of explanation. We will draw upon recent philosophical work on the epistemology of testimony, trust, peer disagreement, socially distributed evidence, and theory confirmation in the sciences. The central output will be a monograph that is an original piece of philosophical scholarship while also written to engage a broader, intellectually sophisticated audience. We will also host a large academic conference and produce audio-visual materials suitable for university classroom audiences.