One often hears skepticism about the state of humanity. Yet, overwhelming evidence from scholars and international organizations shows a dramatic improvement in human well-being, which is especially true in the developing world. Unfortunately, much of what is written and said about the state of humanity either ignores the speed and extent of human progress or expresses pessimism about its future. Cato's new website aggregates the most important data in one easy-to-use place. Crucially, it combines development indicators with economic freedom data. Its goal is to help to preserve capitalism for the benefit of future generations through the visualization of the enormous contribution that free markets and entrepreneurship make to human progress. The website is intended to become a valuable and trusted research tool for the lay intelligent public in general, and students and journalists in particular. The media is important as it perpetuates the culture of ignorance about economic development. University students are the opinion-makers and decision-makers of tomorrow. This website is a part of an effort to provide both groups with an alternative viewpoint.