With the support of the John Templeton Foundation, the Center for Pastor Theologians seeks to develop our pastor-theologians for leadership among evangelical Christians on questions on science and faith. These questions include: Is there conflict between science and religion? What can be learned from the Church’s relationship to science in the past? What are the essential features of a Christian account of the origins of the universe? What bearing does the scientific evidence for evolution have on our understanding of Genesis, specifically a historical Adam and Eve?

In addition to supporting the development of thoughtful, embedded guides of Christian thought and practice, this partnership will provide resources for theologians, pastors, and lay believers at large. The two-year partnership between the JTF and the CPT will result in the following outputs: 6 Fellowship Symposia, with roughly 18 attendees at each, 2 Templeton Partnership Fellows, 2 publishable book manuscripts, 2 special-themed journal issues of The Bulletin of Ecclesial Theology, 4 Church Project Grants, 10 popular-level articles, 6 video interviews hosted on the CPT website, and 1 new CPT Fellowship to endure beyond the grant.

This partnership will impact the broader evangelical church in a number of ways. First, it will strengthen our movement to better integrate the work of theological inquiry with worshiping communities of faith. Second, this partnership will allow for deeper pastoral reflection on the connection between faith and science, with unique contributions from our pastors in area of “lived theology.” Third, it will encourage a more receptive posture toward science and scientists in many congregations. Fourth, this partnership will help other pastors feel more supported in their work to serve as thought leaders for their congregations, both from seeing the example of our Fellows and by benefiting from the resources generated.