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This project includes two major initiatives for collecting, disseminating and preserving new spiritual information via the Association of Religion Data Archives (theARDA.com).

Archiving and Disseminating Data: Since the founding of the ARDA more than 20 years ago, its primary mission has been to “Democratize access to the best data on religion.” Our archive of 1,000-plus data files, which is supported with extensive metadata, remains the foundation of all that we do and is facilitating an ever-growing body of research. Guided by current data management principles, this project will expand our data and metadata collections, improve our dissemination and submission tools and enhance our promotion efforts.

Preserving Data: To ensure the sustainability of the ARDA, and more effectively stimulate new research, this project proposes a rebuild of the site using modern security, data and coding standards and simpler interface and responsive designs. This rebuild will decrease maintenance costs, increase the security of our holdings, make resources more accessible and open avenues for researchers to contribute information.

Together the two initiatives will help the ARDA to more fully support an open scientific community that stimulates research using the best religion data and measures available.

Finally, this proposal will support the completion of the Measures of Religiosity database. This database will include extensive details on 300-375 scales and will be disseminated in an open source print document and in the ARDA’s online Measurement Wizard Scales feature.