This project aims to carry on the work of the John Templeton Foundation’s “Big Questions Online” publication (BQO), bringing before a wide public audience informative and accessible essays by top scholars who are working to address the Big Questions. The first part of this project is a pilot program intended to trial the management of BQO from JTF to the Center for the Study of Technology and Society (CSTS), and to carry on the publication’s day-to-day work of commissioning, editing, publishing, and publicizing original essays from December 2015 through August 2016. The second part of this project will involve planning for the future of BQO; over the course of our work on the publication we will closely monitor workload and workflow, readership and public responses, and costs, in order to make a multi-year proposal to publish BQO beyond 2016. That proposal, submitted to JTF in 2016, will include plans to redesign the BQO website, bringing it more readers and increasing the publication’s influence on the way the public understands the Big Questions.