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We propose to launch two new communication channels to disseminate the BioLogos message through some of the most popular media formats today — short videos and podcasts — and to engage scholars with prominent faith leaders on the topic of human identity.

For the videos, we will work with an advisory panel and an established animation company to produce at least 10 short animated videos. These will be embedded in the relevant pages in our popular Common Questions section of the website, and distributed independently through our social media channels.

A BioLogos podcast has been much in demand by our current audience, and it will provide a way for expanding our audience to new listeners with longform, thoughtful conversations between BioLogos and experts in science, Bible, and ministry.

We will further explore the question of “what does it mean to be human” in light of modern science (particularly our shared ancestry with animals) and Christian theology (particularly as God’s image bearers). We will convene an interdisciplinary panel of experts to engage with each other and then with prominent faith leaders. This dialogue will culminate with several high-profile public conversations and a jointly written book for the general Christian audience.

Through these outputs our audience will expand and come to a deeper appreciation and stronger understanding of the harmony between modern science and biblical faith. We propose to assess our effectiveness within American Christianity by commissioning a few questions in an established national poll of clergy on perceptions of BioLogos and our views.