The Bellingham Lectureship in Philosophy and Religion held annually at Western Washington University aims to increase understanding of current research on philosophical issues that arise for religion in general and Christianity in particular, and to inspire further study of those issues and other Big Questions within local universities and colleges and other communities throughout the region. The BLPR provides an opportunity for faculty, students, and people in the community to learn from academics at the forefront of recent research in philosophy of religion. Each year a distinguished philosopher of religion will give two free lectures intended for a general audience; each lecture will be followed by a lengthy Q&A session. The lecturer will also meet with university students and faculty as well as local media and clergy. Lectures will be recorded and made available online at the BLPR website, along with supplemental material outlining opportunities for further study. The BLPR will not only showcase recent research related to the Big Questions; it will provide a much-needed model of civil conversation on controversial topics in religion, philosophy, and related sciences, and increase interest in the study of these disciplines, both among students and faculty in local universities and colleges as well as in the general population of the region.