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We aim to produce curricula rooted in Islamic theology’s rational, empirical, and scriptural methods of obtaining knowledge. One rooted in such a worldview is best equipped to holistically engage philosophy and science in the modern age.

Scholars of Islamic philosophical theology are often disconnected from other colleagues. The same is true of Islamic curriculum development experts. Such a state is rarely conducive to realization of the full potential for robust and reasoned engagement with modern science and philosophy and other challenges Muslims face today.

To address these challenges, we convene experts in Islamic theology and philosophy to explore the following Big Questions:

What are the limits of what the mind or intellect can know?
Is there a Divine reality, how is It related to the cosmos, and does the Divine reveal Itself to us?
What would a contemporary kalam-based alternative to and engagement with modernity look like and how is it best taught?

We will convene scholars in sustained conversations on these questions and then capture and distribute the developments of our collaborative fellowship’s efforts in our curricular materials, publications, conferences, and symposia, as well as through the deployment of our proposed Verification and Renewal Curriculum in a multitude of educational contexts around the globe. We will also create teacher-training opportunities through producing curated archives of moderated recorded readings of essential texts from the classical Islamic seminary curriculum.

Our intended long term impact is the widespread dissemination of the most relevant expressions of solutions to contemporary theological challenges in the English language. We expect to drastically increase the quality and quantity of curricular materials that will enable students and scholars to engage with science and philosophy through a lens rooted in deep and reasoned faith. We also expect increased collaboration between scholars globally.